Personal Data

We hereby inform you that, as per Peruvian Law N° 29733, Personal Data Protection Law, any personal data provided by you will be securely stored in our data database and will not be accessible to the public. This enables us to handle your requests, answer your queries, or send information related to your contracted services. Additionally, we can keep you updated with information that we deem might interest you.

Moreover, you will need to provide certain personal data to utilize some of our services or access certain content. This data will only be used for the intended purpose.

Potentially requested information includes names, email addresses, date of birth, gender, country and city of origin, and personal interests, among others. Not all requested information upon accessing the site is mandatory, except for what we deem necessary to process your requests and requirements.

Your information will not be shared or disclosed, except with your consent, or under the following circumstances:

  • When required by a competent authority in compliance with the respective legal process.
  • When, in the site’s opinion, it is necessary to uphold the terms of use and other conditions of this page, or to safeguard the integrity of other users or the site.